Uncorrelated Asset Class. Significant Returns.

Access insurance securities from a risk transparent, cost-efficient marketplace.

Uncorrelated Asset Class

Securitized insurance risks are a relatively new and growing asset class that is uncorrelated to the broader capital markets and economy. We give Institutional Investors the ability to invest directly in various classes of pure insurance risks through our affiliate, Ledger Cap Markets, LLC.

Risk Transparency

Ledger's platform provides investors unprecedented risk transparency underlying insurance risks to make informed investment decisions and to gauge adequacy of risk-adjusted returns.

Market Data

Rich marketplace statistics are available to analyze broader trends and set benchmarks on risks and returns.

Insurance Risk Analytics

Standardized risk analytics for insurance policies underlying each security allow investors to reliably price each security.

Aligned Incentives

Insurers retain positions on risks underlying each security, similar to those of investors in order to align performance and ensure integrity.

Packed Investor Features

Developer API

Investors can build on top of Ledger's native API in order to integrate their account data within their own infrastructure.

Data Sourcing

Investors can access data from multiple sources in the same place. Ledger aggregates data in any format, making searching information on current and future investments easier.

App Integrations

Ledger enables investors to customize their experience and continuously improves to integrate apps.

Cloud Accessibility

All platform capabilities are available through our online portal with a simple Investor account. No need to install additional software to get started.