Smarter Capital Management. Marketplace Flexibility.

Fundamental Transformation in how Insurance Companies Create Value.

Higher and more stable ROE

Access lower cost of capital through off balance-sheet financing in the alternative capital markets. Earn a margin on securitized risks with no capital – much like an asset management fee.

ROE Calculator

More Flexible Capital Structure

Rapidly increase or decrease your capacity in response to swings in insurance market prices and demand. Having access to the capital markets enable Insurers to price more reliably knowing the cost of goods.

Valued More Like a Technology Company

Transition from a capital intensive, low growth financial services stock to one that creates value primarily by using advanced technologies, data and analytics to become a superior assessor of risks.

Packed Platform Features

Data Integration

Ledger's native API and databases are data agnostic and enable the transfer of policy information to investors through a variety of formats.

Data Sharing

Multi-level permissions enable Insurers to precisely control data shared with Investors. Proprietary data is never shared on an individual basis with other Insurers.


Risk transfer structures, legal entities and securities offerings are carefully designed and standardized to ensure compliance with insurance and securities regulations.